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Fukaya City, Kumagaya City, Honjo City's waste collection and purchase
​ Please leave it to Next Witch


Welcome to NEXT SWITCH

Welcome to the Next Switch homepage

NEXT SWITCH buys and disposes of unnecessary items

​ Reuse specialists



Service information

I want to immediately exchange what I don't need for cash ...
It's a waste to throw it away, so if it makes a little money ...

The "purchase service" is recommended for such people.

We support a wide range of activities, from carry-on purchases to business trip collections.


Over-the-counter purchase

If you bring the item to the store, we will assess it on the spot and purchase it.

If it is a small amount, we will accept it without reservation.


Business trip collection

This is a "business trip collection service" in which the staff visits the customer's home to collect the unneeded items.
* Depending on the type and quantity of the item and the collection location, we may not be able to ask you to collect the unneeded items, so please contact us first.


Waste collection

Even items that cannot be purchased may be collected. In that case, there is no charge, but we will collect it free of charge. The collected products are exported to Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern countries and reused locally.

List of products that can be purchased and collected over the counter




1kg / 20 yen

Plates, mugs, cups & saucers, glasses, small bowls, salad bowls, etc.



1kg / 60 yen

Tableware, towels, blankets, soap, interior goods, etc.


Baby products

1kg / 20 yen

Child seats, strollers and other baby products in general



1kg / 60 yen

Single-lens reflex camera, single lens, digital camera, video camera, etc.


Interior supplies

1kg / 40 yen

Pottery and wooden figurines in general, clocks, hanging scrolls, antiques, paintings, objects, etc.


Kitchen utensils (metal)

1kg / 80 yen

Pots, frying pans, kettles, ladles, spoons, forks, knives, kitchen knives, etc.



1kg / 60 yen

Bags, sunglasses, hats, hairpins, tie clips, kachusha, etc.


Sporting goods, health equipment

1kg / 20 yen

Balls and rackets used for each sport, skateboards, bats, health equipment, etc.


Outdoor equipment

1kg / 100 yen

Tents, chairs, tables, lanterns, stoves, cooking utensils, sleeping bags, etc.


Musical instruments, audio equipment

1kg / 80 yen

Guitars, drums, wind instruments, speakers, amplifiers, PA equipment in general, etc.



1kg / 20 yen

Cupboards, closets, chests of drawers, altars, folding beds, dining sets, etc.


​ Toys and stuffed animals

1kg / 100 yen

Radio-controlled models, squadron items, educational toys, stuffed animals, etc.


Fishing equipment

1kg / 100 yen

Fishing rods, reels, lures, boats, gimmicks in general



1kg / 80 yen

General including electric tools such as stepladders, monkeys, spanners, mallets, saws, screwdrivers, etc.



1kg / 100 yen

Game console, controller, game software, wiring in general



1kg / 20 yen

Sneakers, pumps, sandals, athletic shoes, etc.

スクリーンショット 2022-06-02 17.26.39.png


1kg / 400 yen

Prizes, soft vinyl, and other figures in general



1kg / 1000 yen

General accessories, watches, perfumes, etc.



1kg / 20 yen

Pens, pencils, notebooks, files, erasers, pencil cases, shitajiki, penmanship sets, etc.


Other household goods

1kg / 20 yen

Bicycles, wheelchairs, daily necessities, miscellaneous goods, and other items not included in the category

Items that can be picked up for free

Items that can be picked up for free

Items: Office furniture in general, agricultural machinery in general, blankets, comforters, curtains, clothing, ties, kimonos, bands, cushions, CDs, DVDs, records, cassette tapes, picture books, safes, personal computers, mobile phones, smartphones, sewing machines, knitting machines, Large household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, LCD TVs) within 5 years of manufacture, general small household appliances (microwave ovens, rice cookers, vacuum cleaners, cooking equipment, gas stoves, stoves, telephones, air purifiers, etc.)


Note (1): Please note that there are restrictions on the model year of large household appliances.

Note (2): We cannot pick up large appliances that are out of stock or damaged.

Note ③: CRT TVs, plasma TVs, and CRT monitors cannot be picked up.

Note ④: Please be assured that there is no age limit for small household appliances.

Items that cannot be picked up



Underwear, work clothes, Japanese style, dolls, mattresses, used plastic products (hangers, tappers, containers, etc.) Winter clothing (boots, moutons, mufflers, ear pads, etc.), bed mattresses, futons, drainboards, kotatsu, Used daily consumables, VHS, MD, floppy discs, books, books, used cleaning supplies, diapers, plant pots, pillows, dry batteries, winter sporting goods, foil, light bulbs, fluorescent lights, building materials, postcards, receipts , Rocks, boots, safety shoes, bath mats, digestive organs, spray cans, paints, nursing beds, groceries, emergency food, charcoal, ash, plastic tanks, etc., poor condition cloth products, brown tube TV, plasma TV, brown tube monitor

Other items that we have determined cannot be picked up at the site


Purchase flow


Over-the-counter purchase


STEP 1 /  

Please bring the item to the store (Fukaya warehouse).
Our professional staff will respond politely.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Bring-in reception time

10:00 am to 17:00 pm

* If you are under the age of 18 , please come with a guardian. (A guardian's ID is required.)
* Please sort by item and bring in   .
* If you have a large quantity such as one light truck, please make a reservation by phone in advance.

You can also contact us by phone.

Feel free to call the person in charge of purchase directly!

☎︎ 070-2667-3503 To Goto

access map


2589-1 Okabe, Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture

Product confirmation

STEP 2 /  

Our expert staff will carefully assess the products you bring in.
If you have any questions about the assessment or purchase price, please feel free to ask.

Fill in the required documents

STEP 3 /  

Please check the contents of the prescribed slip and fill in if you agree.
If you have any questions about the items to be filled in, please feel free to ask.


STEP 4 /  

Please present your ID to verify your identity. (I will make a copy)
Please prepare the one that can confirm the current address, date of birth, and name on the day of purchase and is within the expiration date.

Payment of purchase price

STEP 5 /  

We will give you the purchase price and a copy of the check.
* Depending on the product, it may be picked up free of charge.

thank you very much

STEP 6 /  

Thank you for using the over-the-counter purchase service.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems.
We look forward to seeing you again.


Business trip collection

The goods are big and it is difficult to bring them to the store ...
There are a lot of disused items when I move ...

For such people, we recommend the "Business Trip Collection Service," in which the staff visits the customer's home to collect the unneeded items .
* Depending on the type and quantity of the item and the collection location, we may not be able to ask you to collect the unneeded items, so please contact us first.

Application / Inquiry

STEP 1 /  

Please fill in the required items on the business trip collection form and apply, or apply by phone.
Our professional staff will respond politely.
Please feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding the collection of disused items.

≫ Click here for collection area

Please fill in the required information in the form below and apply.

Click here to apply for collection

You can also contact us by phone.

Feel free to call the person in charge directly!

☎︎ 070-2667-3503 To Goto

Determination of collection date and time

STEP 2 /  

We will decide on a schedule that is convenient for you after a meeting.

Collection of disused items

STEP 3 /  

We will come to collect it at the specified date and time.
At that time,  fill
in required documents_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ and identity verification  are required.

Collected items are reused

STEP 4 /  

The collected products are exported to Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern countries and reused locally.



Area for business trip collection

Area for large collection


I will come to collect it with a 4-ton wing car

Large collection / business trip support area
Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Gunma, Nagano, Tochigi, Niigata, Ibaraki, Shizuoka

Area for small collection


I will come to the collection at Hiace Super Long

Small collection / business trip support area

Fukaya City, Kumagaya City, Honjo City, Kodama County (Misato Town, Kamikawa Town, Kamisato Town), Osato County Yorii Town, Chichibu County (Nagata Town, Minano Town, Yokose Town, Ogawa Town, Higashi Chichibu Village), Isezaki City , Ota City, Fujioka City, Yorii City, Higashi Matsuyama City, Saba County (Tamamura Town), Ora County (Chiyoda Town, Ora Town, Oizumi Town, Meiwa Town), Hiki County (Ogawa Town, Ranzan Town, Tokigawa Town, (Yorii Town, Yoshimi Town)


Mysterious Pervert

Mysterious Pervert

Mysterious Pervert is run by Next Switch
It is a used clothing store near the patio in Okabe, Fukaya.
The name of the shop means a mysterious metamorphosis in Japanese.
Be independent from the crowd.
I started this shop because I wanted to reproduce such a new mysterious atmosphere with new old clothes.
In addition to used clothing, we are waiting for you with rare items and strange products.
We also accept product requests.

↓ Official Instagram is updated daily ↓


This is a list of companies that support our activities.


For collection of disused items, sorting out relics, and disposal of waste

Delivering those unwanted items to children around the world

We donate a portion of the proceeds.






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